The monument to Minin and Pozharsky is set up in Nighny Novgorod on November,4

Source: RIA Novosti


 On November, 4 (The Day of People’s Unity) the monument to Minin and Pozharsky created by president of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli was unveiled in Nighny Novgorod.

According to Tsereteli this artistic replica is 5cm lower than the original one made by sculptor Ivan Martos set up in the Red Square in Moscow.

“Artistic replica” couldn’t have precisely the same size as the original one - noted Zurab Tsereteli. The monument 5cm lower gives the best fit for the place where the monument is set up. The monument is installed in front of the Cathedral to Ioann Predteche - the place according to the legend Kuzma Minin called people to endow money for the welfare of Motherland and enter in home guard.



The monument was found in bronze at the plant “Monumentsculpture” in Saint Petersburg. The pedestal is made up of granite.

First the idea of making the monument to Minin and Pozharsky appeared in Saint-Petersburg “free society of amateurs of literature, sciences, and art”.

The idea was suggested in 1803 by one of the society founders, a well-known Russian enlightener Vasiliy Popugaev. The idea attracted attention of the society member sculptor Ivan Martos. One year later he produced a draft.


The ceremonial opening of the monument and military parade under the command of the emperor Alexander I took place in 1818. It was the first monument in the history of Russia set up in honor of national heroes – “ citizen Minin and prince Pogharskiy”.


According to Tsereteli he made the replica at the request of the mayor of Moscow Yuriy Lughkov.


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