Muscovites will pray before eyes of passers-by in couple of years. Moscow authorities have disposed to establish on Maneghnaya Square a crystal chapel.



As the author of the unusual project Zurab Tsereteli has told to our journalist, generally, a chapel was planned to build five years ago.

A special  place was chosen for it - at corner of the Maneghnaya Square on the area opposite to the hotel "National " where New Year trees usually are.

However there was a question on reconstruction of the" Moscow " hotel therefore with a chapel have decided to wait a little: architects then still simply did not know, how in the future the hotel begins to look, and whether two objects with each other can adjoin harmoniously. Besides during works on analysis of hotel fragile crystal of which the chapel should be made could be damaged.

Now Moscow authorities were convinced that such neighborhood to shape of city will not damage and have approved new terms of erection of a chapel. It is supposed, that it will appear on Maneghnaya Square by 2008.

The chapel of  Alexander  Nevskiy in height of 12 meters and in the size 8x8 sq m. will be made of triangular iron designs and appear through crystal.

Inside of it the gilt cross and  icon images will be placed, and a place for candles will be provided as well. It is supposed, that in the afternoon the unusual cult object will sparkle, reflecting a sunlight and at night begins to be highlighted from within.



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