The ceremony of laying capsule in the basis of the monument of Freedom

Date: 23.11.2005


Source: RIA Novosti.


RIA Novosti. The ceremony of laying a capsule in the basis of the future monument of Freedom took place on the square of Freedom in the center of Tbilisi on Wednesday with the Memorandum signed by presidents of Georgia, Romania, Ukraine and Estonia.

Leaders of four countries with their own hands have immured a capsule with concrete.

The opening of a monument of Freedom in Tbilisi is planned by the Day of Independence of Georgia on May 26th, 2006. Its author is sculptor Zurab Tsereteli.

The monument will be a 30-meter white column topped by a gold sculpture of Saint George on a horse with a spear, piercing a serpent. Acting at the ceremony of laying the base, the president of Georgia Saakashvili has declared that Zurab Tsereteli finishes work above the monument and it will be delivered to Georgia in three months.


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