On September 11, 2006 in the United States in the city of Bayonne, New Jersey there was a dedication ceremony for the monument to the struggle against world terrorism. The monument by Zurab Tsereteli, President of the Russian Academy of Arts, People’s Artist of Russia, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador stands opposite lower Manhattan where the World Trade Center towers stood and about three thousand people became victims of the attacks. The monumental composition was presented as a gift from the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the people of Russia to the people of the United States on the fifth anniversary of the tragedy symbolizing, that Russia, which also experienced acts of terrorism not once, shared the grief of losses with the United States.

The dedication ceremony started with the performance of the National Anthems of the United States and the Russian Federation. The 2001 and 1993 WTC Victim Family members, Chairman of the Council of Federation of the Russian Federal Assembly Sergei Mironov, the former American President William Jefferson Clinton, Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, Governor Jon S. Corzine, New Jersey, Mayor Joseph Doria, Bayonne, New Jersey, representatives of the Senate; designer of the monument, President of the Russian Academy of Arts artist Zurab Tserereli; members of the Presidium and honorary members of the Russian Academy of Arts; hundreds of residents of New York and Bayonne, as well as representatives of the Russian and American people stood in memory of those who died and following the ceremony laid flowers at the monument’s base bearing the names of all those who perished.

The former President William J. Clinton said in his speech that he was familiar with Tsereteli’s works of art very well: “If you come to Moscow, you will see a huge War Memorial in honor of the victory in World War П. For instance, in my home I have a small portrait of my mother which he presented to me. He is a great master, I appreciate him”. “I would like to thank the people of Russia for this gift of solidarity in the war on terror. I thank my friend Zurab Tsereteli for his ability to catch the feelings that can not be expressed by words” – said the President.

“There are events in the history, that not depending upon the course of time leave a nonhealing trace in heart. The September 11 attacks in the United States are an event like this”- said at the ceremony Sergei Mironov, Chairman of the Council of Federation of the Russian Federal Assembly. He reminded, that the Russian President Vladimir Putin was the first foreign leader, who called President George Bush on September 11th, 2001 to express his condolences and offer assistance in liquidation of consequences of the terrorist act that killed more than three thousand people. Mironov said: “ The entire civilized world understands, that terrorism has no boundaries and nationalities, does not depend upon the skin color or creed”. “We have to work together in an anti-terrorist coalition. And in spite of, maybe, existing differences and other methods of attacking these or those problems, the most important thing is the security of citizens of every nation on our planet”.

The Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff read out a message from the American President George Bush, where it was said, that the people of the United States shared the grief and sorrow of the people of Russia who had experienced horrendous acts of terrorism, including the atrocity at a school in Beslan. “While the terrorists could kill the innocent, they could not kill the spirit of those who love freedom” – said President Bush. He appreciated Zurab Tsereteli and the Russian people for the monument presented as a gift. He noted, that the monument would be a powerful reminder that the best hope for peace was the expansion of freedom around the world.

“What can I say? – Everything is before your eyes. This “Tear of Grief” will become a tear of happiness, if the United States and Russia unite in the struggle against world terrorism” – said Tsereteli at the dedication ceremony. “I have experienced all these feelings. Of great significance is to battle against terrorism through art” – believes the artist.

On the basis of news in ITAR-TASS, RIA “News”,, the 1st TV channel, NTV channel, ORT, ANN, etc.

In the United States on September 11th, 2006 there was a dedication ceremony for the monument by Zurab Tsereteli presented as a gift from the people of Russia to the American people in memory of victims of the September 11 terrorist acts. 175-ton bronze-clad block, enclosing a teardrop, towers over the Bayonne, New Jersey waterfront.

The monument stands opposite lower Manhattan where the World Trade Center towers stood.

The residents of Bayonne believe, that the unveiling of the Russian monument will make the local authorities inspire a new life in this New York outlying district.

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