The Director of the Chinese National Museum Lyu Zhangshen Was Presented the Regalia of an Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts



On May 24. 2017 at the Russian Academy of Arts the Director of the Chinese  National Museum Lyu Zhangshen was presented the regalia of an Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.

Lyu Zhangshen is an architect of higher qualification, calligrapher and expert in calligraphy and painting, Honorary Head of the Board of Trustees of the Union of Chinese Museums, Chairman of the Chinese Research Association of Architects. One of the directions of his activity as a Director of the Chinese National Museum is a promotion of cultural relations between Russia and China. The Museum  works in  partnership with the State Hermitage, the Kremlin Museums, National History Museum, Leo Tolstoy Museum, the State Tretyakov Gallery, Russian Ethnographic Museum.

Lyu Zhangshen is a graduate of the Architecture Department of the Tsinghua University, has been in charge of the construction of art palace of Hilton Hotel in Beijing and reconstruction of the Museum of Fine Arts of China.  He has been studying calligraphy for more than 30 years. The works of calligraphy by Lyu Zhangshen are in collections of major Chinese national museums and have been published in a few books dedicated to his art.

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