The Exhibition of A.Vasnetsov's works: "I Portrate the Space"

The exhibition of one of the biggest masters of contemporary art A.Vasnetsov under the title “I Portrait the Space” is dedicated to the 80-th anniversary of his birthday. The exposition consists of about 200 works from the State Tretyakov Gallery, Russian Museum, Moscow Museum of the Contemporary Art, State Museum of Architecture, State Museum “Abramtsevo” and collection of artist’s family.

A. Vasnetsov takes a special place in the art of the second half of the 20 century. An acknowledged classic, he has a universal talent. The sphere of his creative interests includes painting, mosaics, sculpture, furniture, tapestry and many other subjects.
A representative of the well-known art dynasty of Vasnetsovy, he is a person of generation of 1960-s, which found new ways in art. 


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