The 4th International Festival “Moscow Welcomes Friends”. Exhibition of Children’s Works of Art

In May 26 2007,  at 1.30 pm in  Tsereteli Art Gallery (19 Prechistenka str., Moscow)  within the framework of the 4th International Festival “Moscow Welcomes Friends”  arranged by Vladimir Spivakov International Charitable Foundation is opening an exhibition of children’s works of art.

The Vladimir Spivakov International Charitable Foundation provides assistance to young talents  to find their way in art by promoting them in Russian and international competitions, exhibitions and festivals. The Foundation art projects  comprise regular exhibitions within the International Festival “Moscow Welcomes Friends” initiated in 2004.

Every year the Foundation receives more than a thousand children’s paintings from all over the world. Their works represent cultural traditions of various peoples. In the imagination of young creators  boundaries separating states are liquidated and the universe, which is our common home,  is seen in their paintings as a single whole. 

“I want children to believe in miracles!” – said Spivakov. Through  his active kindness he helps children to preserve their faith in it.

Visitors will see children’s bright and original paintings and drawings mostly depicting their  native land,  close people and the world of music.  The exhibition program  includes presentation of awards and a concert by laureates of  Vladimir Spivakov Charitable Foundation.

The exhibition is open till June 3, 2007.

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