The Exhibition of Works by Graduates and Trainees of Moscow Creative Workshops of the Russian Academy of Arts

March 13- April 10, 2016
Tsereteli Art Gallery
19 Prechistenka street, Moscow

The exhibition features almost 200 works by graduates and trainees of the Creative Workshops of the Russian Academy of Arts. Executed in various types and genres of fine arts, different techniques of graphics, painting, sculpture, monumental art, they prove the brilliant skills of their authors and high level of the Russian  academic school unrivalled in the sphere of art education.

The Creative Workshops were founded in 1947 and are the highest level of art education similar to the post-graduate study for upgrading professional skills. They offer young artists a rare opportunity to work in creative contact with distinguished masters of fine arts for the period of three years.

At present, the Easel Painting Workshop is headed by the  Academician A.P. Tkachev,  the Sculpture Workshop is headed by the Academician A.V. Tygal, the Graphics Workshop – by the Academician A.D. Shmarinov, Workshop of Theatrical and Decorative Art – by the Academician B.A. Messerer, the Architecture Workshop – by the Academician V.N. Rzhevsky.

The exhibition is a whole layer of today’s art life. The creativity of young artists defines the main trends of Russian art development. Their talent and mastership embodied in remarkable works are sure to cause the interest of the visitors and professional artists.    

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