Lines of Love: Solo Show of the Italian Artist Charlie

Dates: 02.06.2017-02.07.2017
Venue: Tsereteli Art Gallery
             19 Prechistenka street, Moscow

The Russian Academy of Arts presents a solo show of works by the Italian artist Charlie  (Francesco Pascuali). Charlie was born  on April 22, 1952  in Legnago, (Verona province, Italy). In 1974 there was the first solo show of this self-taught artist whose paintings in subsequent years were exhibited in Rome, Paris, Edinburg Prague, Monte-Carlo, Bratislava and other cities. The artist became a frequent participant and laureate of prestigious national and international art competitions as well as a winner of the Venetian “Golden Lion” prize for his canvas “On the Stone”.

In his creative work the artist has preferred looking for his own art style and conditionally divided his art life into three periods: “experimental” – till 1994; “dreamy” – 1995-2006 and “philosophical” – since 2007.  It was in the early 1990-s that the author’s aesthetics was finally formed and he obtained the style characteristic of all his subsequent work. His paintings became less realistic and reflected his attempts to uncover the dynamics of the visible and invisible as well as to emphasize the transcendence of art images.  

Philippe Daverio, the journalist and art critic says about Charlie’s works: “His pictorial language is already strengthened: it plays among runs, signs and spots of pure matter, where this matter assumes and sublimes the right to its own randomness, to the small explosions that it generates when it is projected on the canvas. It is at this point that the activity of the wizard begins. He is to interpret the effect that the chance drawn deliberately. Obviously it is not a mathematical case lacking an intimate logic; they are signs that the wizard examines in order to turn them into appearances”.

In the late 1990-s the master gave up his experiments with painting on canvas and focused on art in other media: printmaking, inlay, sculpture and others. Among such first experiments was his ceiling painting of 36 sq.m depicting an allegorical composition “The Legend of the Ancient Tower”.  For his house in Bonvicino the artist also created a large floor marble mosaic on a mythological sea theme finally completed in 2014.  Later in his house appeared “The Room of the Arts” with the artist’s frescoes and paintings. Containing a permanent collection of the artist’s paintings Charlie’s home is gradually turning into a kind of museum attracting art lovers from Italy and other countries.

A few years ago Charlie’s solo exhibition “Lines of Love” was a great success in Palazzo Gran Guardia in Verona. His present solo show in Tsereteli Art Gallery is a good opportunity to show his art to the Moscow public.

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