Art Without Borders: Exhibition of Works by Artists-Teachers of V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute and Eastern Art Institute in Zhengzhou (China)

Dates: May 24 – June 18, 2017
Venue: Tsereteli Art Gallery
            19 Prechistenka street, Moscow  

The Art Without Borders exhibition presents works by artists-teachers of V. Surikov Moscow State Academy Art Institute and Eastern Art Institute in Zhengzhou (China). The exhibition is a result of partnership of the two art education entities aimed at the promotion of cultural relations between Russia and China.

On display at Tsereteli Art Gallery are over 100 paintings, graphic works and sculptures executed by Russian and Chinese artists in various genres and techniques. These are works by the distinguished Russian masters Evgeny Maximov, Valentin Sidorov, Anatoly Lyubavin, Ivan Lubennikov, Nikolai Borovskoy, Alexander Rukavishnikov, Mikhail Pereyaslavets, Alexander Teslik, Alexander Suvorov, etc. and Chinese artists Wang Wei, Shi Ping, Ma Guoqiang. Wang Yanfa, Din Jong and others.  

The exhibition has been made possible thanks to joint organizational efforts and substantial financial support from the entrepreneur and philanthropist Wang Fuxiang who, being an admirer of the academic school of art education, in early 2001 visited V. Surikov Moscow  State Art Institute to get acquainted with the details of the teaching process and after his return from Russia initiated an establishment of an art institute in his homeland.  According to the agreement on Wang Fuxiang’s  cooperation with V. Surikov Art Institute the Russian colleagues provided all needed support to the Chinese partners and in July of 2001 the ex-Rector of V. Surikov Moscow State Art Institute Anatoly Bichukov was invited to China to the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the Zhengzhou Eastern Art Institute. Since then the Institute has become a major private institute of higher art education in the central China. The Institute has the following departments: painting; sculpture; decorative and applied art; environment design; visual design; costume design; digital design; industrial design. The buildings of the Institute designed in the European style are well equipped and offer excellent opportunities for obtaining world level art education.  

For the whole period of the mutual cooperation, teachers of V. Surikov Moscow State Art Institute annually came to Zhengzhou Eastern Art Institute to share their experience and skills with the Institute’s students. The exhibitions of works by teachers and students of both Institutes were a good proof of fruitful Russian and Chinese partnership in art education. In 2017 the philanthropist Wang Fuxiang was elected an Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts.  

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