The Great Silk Way: Yangtze/ Volga/ Denube – International Exhibition Project in Saratov

Dates: August 08 – September 03, 2017
Vanue: A. Radischev State Art Museum
            75 Pervomaiskaya street, Saratov

The Volga Region Department of the Russian Academy of Arts in partnership with the Creatice Artists’ Union of Russia present an International Exhibition and  Research Project “The Great Silk Way: Yangtze/Volga/Denube”, that will be opened on   August 8, 2017 at 17.00 at A. Radischev State Art Museum in Saratov.

Organizers of the Project: The Creative Artists’ Union of Russia, Russian Academy of Arts, the Volga Region Departmet of the Russian Academy of Arts, A. Radischev Saratov State Art Museum. The Project is being held under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Culture of the Saratov Region.

Head and author of the Project: Konstantin Khudyakov, Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Arts, Head of the Volga River Department of the Russian Academy of Arts, Head of the Creative Artists’ Union of Russia
Curator: Arseny Steiner  
Coordinator: Svetlana Kuznetsova
Curator’s team: Svetlana Kuznetsova, Sergey Denisov, Ivan Kolesnikov, Evgeny Romashko, Uve Goldenstein
Design: Sergey Denisov, Ivan Kolesnikov

Partners of the Project: Liu Min Sue Museum of Russian Art (Harbin, China), Confucius Institute of the Far East Federal University, Society of Russian-Chinese Friendship, European Center of Fine Arts (Bratiskava, Slovakia), Berlin Sel ected Artists (Berlin, Germany)

The Project aims at showcasing the latest art trends in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and China reflecting profound changes in the social, political and cultural life for the last 15 years.  It is a result of  a careful study of the art scene in the period of 2000-2017, when the art being a radar of political and social situation at the turn of the century started conceding in responsiveness to the rapid information flow of social networks.

The idea of globalization has created a new topography in today’s art space. At present, the artists mainly focus on the experience of the current moment. They do not write any manifests, but prefer individual methods of work. Nowadays, there is no underground art world, as it is already impossible to retire to the ivory tower – a saving dissident seclusion. The function of art these days is to alter not the society, but people that is why the art is striving for a dialogue.

Following the methodology of the 17th century European humanist Yan Amos Komensky, author of the well-known encyclopedia “The World of Sensual Things in Pictures”, the organizers of the project have set the artists the task to depict in their works the world of nature and public relations in order to get diverse artistic revelations and poins of view on the same topics. The artists were offered to reflect on today’s 100 most urgent themes: 100 pieces -  to be created by Russian artists; 100 works – by European artists and 100 works – by Chinese painters. The structure of the exposition and art encyclodepia is a rare opportunity to compare different creative methods and be involved in extraordinary creative dialogues.

The travelling exhibition  “The Great Silk Way: Yangtze/Volga/Denube” includes 99 works by artists from Russia, China and countries of Central and Eastern Europe grouped in equal shares for 33 themes-objects.

The route of the travelling exhibition:    
-    Harbin, China, Liu Min Sue Museum of Russian Art (July 06-20, 2017);
-    Saratov, Russia, A. Radischev State Art Museum (August 08 - September 03, 2017);
-   Moscow, Russia, Exhibition Halls of the Russian Academy of Arts (September, 2017);
-    Bratislava, Slovakia, European Center of Fine Arts (October, 2017).

The total amount of this International Exhibition and Research Project – 300 works by contemporary artists fr om Russia, China and countries of Central and Eastern Europe will be presented in the three lingual Art Encyclopedia of the Project.

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