Jubilee Exhibition in Honor of the 100th Anniversary of Vladimir Tsygal at the Russian Academy of Arts

Dates: 12.09.2017- 10.10.2017
Venue: Exhibition Halls of the Russian Academy of Arts
            21 Prechistenka street, Moscow

Dedicated to the 100th birth anniversary of Vladimir Tsygal (1917-2013), the 20th century eminent sculptor, People’s Artist of the USSR, Laureate of the USSR State Prizes, holder of numerous orders and awards including the Order for Services to Motherland 3rd and 4th Rank, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts, the exhibition features the sculptor’s forty works of easel sculpture.

Vladimir Tsygal is a classic of Russian culture whose works are distinguished by deep content and artistic perfection, emotional expression, tense dynamics of  plastic forms and belong to the art legacy of this country.

Vladimir Tsygal was born on September 17, 2017 in Odessa. His art education at V. Surikov Moscow State Art Institute, where he studied under such masters as Alexander Matveev, Vladimir Domogatsky, Ivan Shadr was interrupted by WWII. In 1942, he volunteered for the front and till 1944 served in the Navy, participated in the battles for Novorossiysk and Kerch. He started his way in art as a front-line artist of the Black Sea Navy and the war theme was one of the most important for him throughout his creative life.

Vladimir Tsygal is an author of more than 60 monuments, numerous portraits and easel compositions in bronze and marble. Well-known are his memorial complex dedicated to the heroes of the Civil and Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, monument to victims of fascism and monument to General Dmitry Karbyshev in the concentration camp in Mauthausen (Austria), monuments to Richard Zorge in Baku and Moscow, to Soviet soldiers in partnership with Lev Kerbel in Berlin, Zeelow and other cities.

He is an author of the monuments to the physician Nil Filatov, poets Sergey Esenin in Moscow and Musa Djalil in Kazan, President Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam) and Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen in Moscow. He has made a big contribution to the promotion of Russian sculptural portrait. Such works as “Anna Frank”, “Mayakovsky in America”, “Down with the War”, “Hiroshima”, a series of wonderful sculptural portraits of the Academicians S.A. Chaplygin, S.I. Vavilov, Field Marshal A.V. Suvorov, spaceman Herman Titov, composer Dmitry Kabalevsky, artist Rockwell Kent (USA) were highly appreciated  by the public. Remarkable is his vast gallery of portraits of his colleagues in art created in various years.
The master constantly experimented in shapes and forms, often turning to artistic concepts of various times and trends he remained true to the traditions of the national school of sculpture. A major series of bronze reliefs produced by Vladimir Tsygal for the last decades was devoted to his reflections of life and history.

Since 1991, Vladimir Tsygal headed the Creative Sculpture Workshop of the Russian Academy of Arts and raised several generations of sculptors sharing his rich experience in plastic art. He is also an author of a number of memoirs - “Still Wondering”, “Artists”, “Alphabetical Churchyard”, as well as several books of his poems. The works by Vladimir Tsygal are in collections of the Russian Museum, Tretyakov Gallery and other major Russian and international museums.

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