The Silk Way: Solo Show of the Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Valery Blokhin

Dates: September 20 – October 08, 2017
Venue: Exhibition Halls of the Russian Academy of Arts
            21 Prechistenka street, Moscow

The Russian Academy of Arts presents a solo exhibition of the Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Valery Blokhin bringing together almost 150 works inspired by the artist’s trips to the Arab East, China, Tibet, Myanmar, India, Vietnam, Sri-Lanka, Africa, Latin America. The oriental cycles of Valery Blokhin have resulted from many years of his professional quest and  personal view of the world depicted on his canvases with extraordinary artistic skill.

The spectacular decorativeness of canvases, free plastic language, color expression and diversity of compositional methods define the picturesque style of the artist which has developed over many years as a creative interpretation of today’s art trends, art of the early 20th century, classical tradition, abstract and figurative painting. The artist’s works both surprise the viewers with the contrasts of form and color and fascinate with delicate nuances. The accuracy of the details is combined in his canvases with arbitrary space, his color combinations turn into numerous color variations associated with various themes or mood.  

The art critic A.V. Tolstoy says about the manner of the master: “The rather complicated structure of the pictorial matter of the artist’s works contains the often used by the artist technique of artificial slowing down of the motion leading to the effect of vagueness of the form on the canvas plane – it happens while watching movies on digital devices on line, when the internet is working in slow mode or Wi-Fi is unreliable. All these at first glance unexpected “invasions” of purely visual signs of modern technologies in the poetics of quite traditional, in general pictorial works by Valery Blokhin give a special original sounding and obvious relevance to the peculiar optics of the artist’s vision”.  

Valery Blokhin was born in 1964 in Novorossiysk, in 1984 – finished the Krasnodar Art College. Since 1990 he has been a Member of the Artists’ Union of Russia, from 1999 – an Honorary Member of Academy of Fine Arts of Czech Republic. The works by Valery Blokhin are in museum and private collections in Russia and other countries.            

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