Dates: February 5- February 25, 2018
Venue: Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Art Lyceum under the Russian Academy of Arts (8 Krymsky Val, building 2)

“Shakespeare mania? Shakespeare magic? The Incentive to creative transformation of the world?  We are different artists and each of us appreciates Shakespeare in his own way – the poet, writer, playwright, actor, philosopher, connoisseur and catcher of human souls. Shakespeare is a guiding thread in the labyrinth of passions, whose fantasies lead us to reflections, to the desire to know the reality and the meaning of human existence. Even after four centuries Shakespeare as a matrix of modern European civilization is still of great value.

The characters “born” by the genius are still in demand, with his heroes we grieve, laugh, fall in love and suffer. The existential intensity of their feelings does not leave anyone indifferent. The communication with them helps us understand the dark chaos of unconscious forces,  to recognize the meanness, expose the deceit, obtain the hope, overcome the despair, enjoy the love and life as they are.

These are the things we are speaking about in our works. Having devoted to Shakespeare our worship and creative impulses we invite you to see and enjoy them”.  

Mickhail N. Avakumov
Professor of V. Surikov Moscow State Art Institute,
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts
Participant of the “Shakespeare Mania” Exhibition

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