Dates: 17.04.2018-13.05.2018
Venue: Exhibition halls of the Russian Academy of Arts
            21 Prechistenka street, Moscow

Timed to the 70th anniversary of the Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Vladimir Mochalov, the retrospective at the Russian Academy of Arts features almost 200 works of the artist created for his long-term and fruitful career.

Vladimir Mochalov became famous mostly for his graphic works in the genre of satirical portrait and caricature of celebrated personalities. Well known in Russia  and other countries are his witty, bold and unexpected cartoons, including  caricatures of Russian politicians, artists, sportsmen, actors, film directors, stars of pop culture. But Mochalov was not limited only to the Russian context – international celebrities were also under his sight – for example his caricature of the former US President Bill Clinton who highly appreciated the artist’s skills and humor in his letter of thanks. Vladimir Mochalov writes: “I have made portraits of those who wittingly or unwittingly affected the 20th century world and Russian history. I have always been interested in politics, through politics I see and understand this country better. I love and study history and the caricature gives me a possibility to express my attitude to the events that happen, to the past and present”.    

Vladimir Mochalov was born in Moscow in 1948, graduated from the Graphic Department of the Moscow Institute of Printing. He started his career as an engraver in “Goznak” factory. Since 1969 the artist studied at the art studio of the Crocodile magazine, in 1984 became its chief artist and continued to work for the magazine till its closing in 2000. For a long time Vladimir Mochalov collaborated with such editions as “Yunost”, “New Time”, “Izvestia”, “New Russian Word”, “Sobesednik”. Since 1991 he became internationally recognized, his drawings were published in the  “Time”, “Newsweek”, “New Yorker”,  in Belgium, Austria, France, Japan, Turkey, etc. He is a winner of many Russian and international competitions in caricature.

In 2002 Vladimir Mochalov became interested in portrait painting and created a lot of portraits of celebrated politicians, sportsmen, figures of culture. The exhibition also presents the artist’s landscapes and still lives. Many of his canvases have resulted from his extensive traveling across Russia and the world.

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