The Russian Academy Of Arts


20.11.2018 - 11.12.2018

Dates: November 20 – December 11, 2018
Venue: Russian Center of Science and Culture in Rome
            16 Via Magenta, Rome, Italy

The Russian Center of Science and Culture in Rome hosts an exhibition of sculptures by the founder of the Ars Appicus concept, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Alexey Blagovestnov. The solo show includes 15 large-scale works of bronze and plaster executed by the artist for the last 20 years after his graduation fr om V. Surikov Moscow State Art Institute.

The works have been united into three groups to be on display in three exhibition halls resembling three books of Dante’s Divine Comedy and three cities of great significance in the art biography of Blagovestnov – Moscow, Paris, Rome.

The first hall  - the Paradise is Rome which the artist associates with the place of eternal perfect life, it is filled with images-dedications to great artists of the Renaissance – Masaccio, Pisanello, Paolo Ucello, Cosimo Tura and Giorgione.  This series of sculptures is entitled by the artist  “The Paradise” and depicts the world as a unity of nature, man and art.

The second hall - the Purgatory symbolizes Paris. Here, like in the Paris cultural pot are collected images of various eras and countries including the dramatic “Vasily the Blessed” uniting reworked experiences of Rodin’s and Giacometti’s plastics, the lyrical “Khvalynsky Horseman” – a sculptural reflection on the “Bathing of the Red Horse” and spherical perspective of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin, as well as “Fra Angelico” - a dedication to the Florentine artist-monk.

The third hall – the Hell personifies Moscow. It is full of contrasts like Moscow itself. The viewers can see both beautiful and dramatic works such as “Caravagio” from the Boustrophedon series wh ere the artist introduces color into his pictures and metal into his sculptures. The more classical work “Anna Karenina” is a good example for understanding the Ars Appicus concept of Alexey Blagovestnov.

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