Date: 11.04.2019 – 02.06.2019
Venue: Tomsk Regional Art Museum, Tomsk, 3 Pereulok Nakhanovicha

The Tomsk Regional Art Museum hosts a solo exhibition of  the People’s Artist of Russia, President of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli featuring 40 cloisonne enamels and two bronze sculptures “St. Nicholas” and “St. Nino”.

The strength of character and amazing energy, audacity of the experimenter and unexpected artistic vision make up the portrait of Zurab Tsereteli who through his creative searches managed to combine almost all the types, genres and techniques of fine arts. Among the distinguished achievements of Tseretei in fine arts are works produced in the technique of cloisonné enamels. Having scrutinized the old enamel techniques in the 1960s the master raised this kind of art  to a more qualitatively high level – enriched the spectrum of colors, upgraded technological possibilities and created a three dimensional enamel. The synthesis of elements of decorative art and author’s color scheme gives his enamel works a perfect sounding.

The Biblical topic is one of the main in the artist’s work, it has been realized in hundreds of his works - the cycle of monumental bronze bas-reliefs entitled The Knowledge of Good and Evil in Tsereteli Art Gallery in Moscow, works of easel plastic, round sculptures, enamels.

The solo exhibition presents enamels of the Biblical cycle of the 1980s-1990s illustrating themes of the New Testament. They have been produced in a strict almost graphic manner but at the same time are full of the brilliant color sounding resulting from the contrasts of the rich golden background and spots of blue, red, white and green colors indicating figures, elements of landscape.  Their rather small size sets a chamber format of the display providing the viewer with a possibility to enter into an unhurried and trusting     dialogue with the master on eternal themes.

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