Tsereteli Art Gallery

Location and Working Hours

19 Prechistenka str.

119034 Moscow, Russia

Tel: 495 637 4150, 637 2569, 637 4771

E-mail: info@tsereteli.ru

Web: www.tsereteli.ru


General information

Open daily, except Monday and state holidays

From 12.00 to 20.00 (ticket office closes at 19.00)

Friday from 12.00 to 22.00, (ticket office closes at 21.00)

The last Wednesday of the month – admission is free


Guided tours, for reservations call

T: 495 637 4150

E-mail: gid.tsereteli@yandex.ru



Adults - 300 roubles

Students – 100 roubles

Senior citizens – 100 roubles

Free admission:

- children under 18 years old

- citizens with a document confirming the free admission in accordance with the Russian Federation laws

- ICOM members


Weekly master classes in painting by Zurab Tsereteli

by prior arrangement

T: 495 637 4150

E-mail: gid.tsereteli@yandex.ru


Evening concerts

T: 495 637 4150


Art Shop

From 12.00 to 20.00


Artist’s Gallery restaurant

From 12.00 to 24.00

For reservations call

T: 495 637 3522


The museum and exhibition halls of Tsereteli Art Gallery are housed in a beautiful Moscow historical building in classical style, once the residence of Counts Dolgorukovs. It was designed by Matvei Kazakov in the 18th century. During Soviet times the mansion fell into decay. Today, as a result of enormous restoration efforts one can see its facade and interior in their original splendor.


Tsereteli Art Gallery was opened to the public in March, 2001 to provide exhibition space of more than 10.000 sq. m.  The complex also contains an art shop and Artist’s Gallery restaurant which interiors continue the museum exposition. 


Set up as part of Zurab Tsereteli’s reform program as President of the Russian Academy of Arts, the Gallery started its activities with Imperial-Russian Academy of Arts Exhibition dedicated to the history and present achievements of the Academy.


On display is a permanent exhibition of Zurab Tsereteli’s works of art, including his paintings, sculptures, drawings, enamel panels and bronze miniatures. Of special interest is the master’s unique series of bronze high relief portraits of celebrated figures of Russian culture of the 20th century entitled My Contemporaries.


The Gallery’s atrium presents a big exposition Good Defeats Evil. The focus of the atrium is a huge bronze apple, inside which visitors can trace the history of human passions from the Fall. Around the perimeter the walls are decorated by Tsereteli’s monumental reliefs on the Biblical topics depicting the spiritual rebirth.   


The ground floor contains halls exhibiting a large collection of casts from antique sculptures. One can also see a rotating display of the most valuable pieces of the rich collection of the Academy Research Museum as well as work by the Academy alumni. This part of the Gallery is used as educational facilities for students from art schools, lyceums and institutes. Here, Zurab Tsereteli gives his monthly masterclasses for children of different ages.


The Gallery hosts group and solo exhibitions featuring all kinds of fine arts, design, architecture, photography. On a regular basis are held big Russian and international art projects and festivals.


For connoisseurs of classical music the Gallery offers evening concerts involving celebrated singers and musical groups.    
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