Well-Known Characters in the Scale of Zurab Tsereteli

Today, a lot of unloading work has been in full swing at the building of the Sochi Art Museum. It is a solo exhibition of Zurab Tsereteli to be displayed in the city. The big sculptures of cinema characters, and not only them, will find their temporary home on the Museum’s stairs.

The process of sculpture creation starts with a drawing, then a small plaster model is enlarged to be turned into a big plaster model, then comes moulding and casting in metal. Now, the stars of the film “Mimino” can be seen at the Sochi Art Museum. Kikabidze, Mkrtchan and Leonov after a long shipment are being covered with turpentine to be saved from corrosion. All sculptures except for the copper figure of Charlie Chaplin are made of bronze. The barefooted president in kimono weighs more than a ton. Zurab Tsereteli has created many of these huge sculptures specially for this exhibition in Sochi.

Vasili Tsereteli, Executive Director of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, commented: “There was a proposal from the Mayor of Sochi, the Governor and the Art Museum in Sochi to arrange such an exhibition. Zurab Konstantinovich came to Sochi to look at the exhibition space. It was two months ago. This exposition has been selected to fit the proposed space”.

The exhibition will comprise about one hundred master’s artworks in diverse genres that are going to occupy half of the Museum’s rooms.

“It is the first time when we can see in Sochi a solo exhibition of the President of the Russian Academy of Arts Zurab Tsereteli. I think, that it is a remarkable event in the art life of our city”, said Peter Khrisanov, Director of the Sochi Art Museum.

The exhibition is due to be opened in the presence of Zurab Tsereteli on Friday. Residents and guests of Sochi will have two months to admire the works of art by the great master in the Sochi Art Museum.


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