The Academy Assembly of the RAA Full and Corresponding Members  is the supreme body of the RAA management. 

The Academy Assembly shall be convened as required but at least once a year.

The Academy Assembly shall:

  • consider and approve the activity program of the RAA and reports of the RAA Presidium;
  • elect Full Members, Corresponding Members and Honorary Members of the RAA, approve results of elections held by the RAA Presidium in the period between sessions of the Academy Assembly;
  • elect the President, Vice-Presidents, Chief Academic Secretary of the RAA Presidium, Academicians-Secretaries of  Departments, Chairman of the Regional Department  and other members of the Presidium.

The Academy  Assembly is deemed competent if attended by not less than half of the RAA Full Members.  Only Full Members attending the Academy Assembly  are entitled to cast votes. Resolutions are passed by the majority vote by the RAA Full Members attending  the Academy  Assembly. The  elections of the RAA President as well as the RAA Presidium members require votes of those Full Members who are absent for good reasons to be presented to the Academy Assembly in the written form.

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